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Hello. We are ivysmit.

We’re a creative and marketing agency that is created by clients, for clients.

Each one of our team members has been a client. Powerful insights gleaned from this experience have shaped how we work and how we’re structured. We’re different and we’re designed to serve you well.

We’re startup friendly.

Content Creation
& Copywriting
Creative &
Amazing Websites & Maintenance

We are a service-inspired creative and marketing agency.

What we do is inspired by you.

Strategy architects

Master plan. Grand design. Game plan. Action plan. Whatever your smit, we use powerful consumer and shopper insights that lay a foundation for all creative thinking and positioning to drive brand relevance. We help manage your communication process for effectiveness and efficiency through the tracking and measuring of results.

Marketing counsel

Brand stewards and guardians. An objective opinion from a trusted source. We offer one without trying to replace your partner agencies. We also act as an extension of your senior marketing team (fractional CMO) when needed.

Content creation & copywriting

Authentic storytelling. Passion. Tugging at heartstrings. We help stimulate interest for your product or service through the creation of copy for print, digital, shopper, experiential or online material – including videos, blogs, and social media platforms.

Creative & design

Vision. Brainchild. Big ideas. We generate breakthrough, integrated concepts across different communication platforms that are rooted in insights, and we bring them to life through design. We also create your brand’s visual vocabulary to tell another important story through consistency. We design visual identities, brand standards, sales collateral, point-of-purchase materials, training materials, presentations, and packaging.

What we do

An approach unlike other agencies.

We apply laser-like focus to your single most important thing (smit) and bring it to life (ivy) through relevant marketing tactics and passion.




Strategic Adjacencies

Branded Experiences




We’re different in that better way

Our guiding vision.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. You’ll see this in our service style, our sense of urgency, our work ethic, and in our billing and briefing practices.

Some clients consider us their ’back pocket go-to’ for anything and everything

We are here for anything from a single task when capacity is an issue with your current roster or to act as your lead strategic agency.

The ability to provide services to you is a humbling one. We know there are other options out there. As previous clients ourselves, one of our frustrations came from having to figure out which agency to work with for what, and the integrity of the consistency of messaging and tone that was potentially compromised because of that. We’re not suggesting you have to work differently, but we work differently in order to be relevant to your evolving needs.



Brand Adoption


Need help with your killer presentation, TED talk, Investor Deck, GoFundMe campaign pitch, or Sales Deck for your sales team?

We create corporate messaging that will tell stories that inspire your audience. We will build your messaging and presentation tools that will help you close deals, build partnerships, and knock investor's socks off. 🧦

Corporate Messaging

Pitch Decks

Sales Presentations

Logos & Graphics

Look Inside

Big Agency, Small Agency, Just Right Agency.

Meet Jenn.

Strategist. Storyteller. Agency owner. Adhacker.

I’m a hybrid of a strategic marketer and a creative thinker. At my core, I’m intuitive🧐. My mom says I was like that as early as the age of 3. (Thanks mom). I believe in taking risks. I gravitate to other visionaries, and to those who are brave, who want to make a difference, who think positively and with passion 🔥 – in a way that moves the business a mile, not a meter.

I love underdogs.🐕 Re-positioning brands. Launching brands 🚀. Turning soft results into something legendary.

I’ve spent the lion share of my career on client side. Now, as an agency owner, I’m able to bring those insights into my current service offering to enable a relationship with clients that is different.

Highlights include:
Inventing the laundry detergent puck before Tide did 🎬. Ivey School of Business, HBA Graduate🎓. Winner of the Business 2257 Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Medal and Award 🏆. Created Monday Girls’ Night & Wednesday Date Night at Milestones to put the brand back on the map and drive positive SSS (VP Marketing & Business Development, Milestones Restaurants), ideating and creating the Maxim partnership, with properties including Golf, Mansion, & the Search, driving the brand from #8 to #1 (Director of Marketing, Coors Light), Launching satellite radio in Canada (Director of Marketing & Field Marketing, XM Satellite Radio), and copywriting radio, print, and digital whilst leading Strategy (6 years on the agency side at small, medium and large shops).

WordPress Website Development and Organic SEO

We design WordPress websites with Organic SEO in mind that are easy to use and rank well in Google search.

Need a site developed?

We're site builders who specialize in WordPress

We build eCommerce sites with Shopify & Magento Commerce

We have a new, better and inexpensive way

Custom Photography and Licensed Graphics and Video

We build the right content to get you noticed

Giving back

Our unique perspective.

We want to pay it forward with 10% donated to various causes that help the hurt, homeless and the hungry. 💕 In the old days, we put coins in a collection box. Today our Smit+ model is a single scalable example of how we can make an exponential difference together.

The Smit+ model is very simple. Smit+ allows us to personally invest in things that we are passionate about, making a difference, not just for brands, but for people in need.

Serving others serves us all well.

A service-inspired agency. 🤝

Inspiring brands to cultivate a strong emotional connection with consumers, creating a meaningful place in their 💕 Strategy | Creative | Activation 🌿

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Based in Toronto. Snowglobe location in Collingwood. Happy clients everywhere. 😀❤️☃️❄️✨

Looking for a partner? Let’s talk!

Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in bringing to life what matters most.🌿

  • Content & Copywriting
  • Campaign Development & Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Reboot
  • Logo Design
  • Print / Signage
  • App Design
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Marketing Website (WordPress)
  • Not entirely sure? Call us anyway.

Phone: 416-572-1888 (Toronto)
Phone: 705-532-9922 (Collingwood)

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