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The ivysmit agency was born out of a desire to offer you something a little different.  Having been clients ourselves, we know the struggle that exists where every new project starts – with the brief.  Agencies wanted written briefs before the work started, and when clients had any additional thoughts once the agencies were briefed, the request for a re-brief was made, and so on.

This isn’t part of the ivysmit experience.  Here, we may ask lots of questions because knowledge is power and listening means insights. But our approach is simple: tell us your single most important thing and we’ll bring it to life. This laser-like focus is designed to make your life easier, the work better, and the timelines faster.

Our experience as marketers on the client side has helped inform our service offering.


We believe the golden rule of marketing is know thy audience. That’s why owner Jenn Gerynowicz made it her mission to develop an agency that was created by clients, for clients. And with women controlling 80% of consumer spending (and most briefs highlighting this point), it’s also why she felt it important to have a female leading the strategic and creative work.

We believe in access, nurturing, developing and service.  We offer a very personal service style with access for you or anyone on your team to anyone on ours. We also invest in our team internally to ensure they’re learning and growing, which means we don’t bring 5 people to a meeting ‘for their development’.  We keep the focus on you.

We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. This also shows up in the way we bill. It’s what we would have liked when we were clients. That means you won’t see charges for font changes or for agency pizza parties because we were talking about your business.  And because we’re not lawyers, we don’t bill like lawyers. You can call us anytime, for any reason, and you won’t ever feel like it cost you.

ivysmit – bringing to life what matters most.