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what we do is inspired by you.

The ability to provide services to you is a humbling one. We know there are other options out there. As previous clients ourselves, one of our frustrations came from having to figure out which agency to work with for what, and the integrity of the consistency of messaging and tone that was potentially compromised because of that. We’re not suggesting you have to work differently, but we work differently in order to be relevant to your evolving needs.

Some clients consider us their ’back pocket go-to’ for anything and everything, or when capacity is an issue with their current roster. Others engage us as their lead strategic agency when working in IMC structures, while others get us to build their websites, develop and deploy their digital marketing content, or execute their corporate off-sites or trade shows. Our flexible structure and experience enables us to focus on and deliver against your smit, whatever that may be.

ivysmit. Bringing to life what matters most.

strategy architects

Master plan. Grand design. Game plan. Action plan. Whatever your smit, we use powerful consumer and shopper insights that lay a foundation for all creative thinking and positioning to drive brand relevance. We help manage your communication process for effectiveness and efficiency through the tracking and measuring of results.

marketing counsel

Brand stewards and guardians. An objective opinion from a trusted source. We offer one without trying to replace your partner agencies. We also act as an extension of your marketing team when the resources internally aren’t always there.

content creation & copywriting

Authentic storytelling. Passion. Tugging at heartstrings. We help stimulate interest for your product or service through the creation of copy for print, digital, shopper, experiential or online material – including videos, blogs, and social media platforms.

creative & design

Vision. Brainchild. Big ideas. We generate breakthrough, integrated concepts across different communication platforms that are rooted in insights, and we bring them to life through design. We also create your brand’s visual vocabulary to tell another important story through consistency. We design visual identities, brand standards, sales collateral, point-of-purchase materials, training materials, presentations, and packaging.

digital services

Relevance. Engagement. Targeted audiences. Real time. Our experience includes responsive web design, content and development, digital ads, presentations and sales tools. We also collaborate with expert production companies to deliver sizzle reels and 6 second ads.

shopper & experiential

B2C. B2B. B2S. LSM. XM. Regardless of your target, the approach we take is H2H – human-to-human. Put simply, we are passionate about connecting with people. Our team is seasoned in creating emotional connections with a targeted audience, focused on winning share of mind and share of wallet. (We tend to do this with infectious passion).

ivysmit shopper: IVPs. Governance. Category Captaincy. Barriers to Penetration. We understand how your target behaves as a shopper in different channels and formats. We also understand the rules of engagement in the Canadian grocery, mass, drug, and C&G channels. We leverage this intelligence to the benefit of all stakeholders, including retailers, brands, consumers and the shoppers themselves. We do this in both English Canada and Quebec.

ivysmit experiential: Disruption. Impressions. Close consumer bonds. Instagram-worthy. Creating fun and memorable experiences that reinforce your brand’s story and positioning is something that holds a warm place in our hearts. Choosing the right location and environments in which to sample is a key component of our thought process when designing these programs. (After all, we’ve all been given a free sample of something at the CNE for example, but do you remember what it was?)

ivysmit concierge

Assisting others by performing various tasks. Details. Making your life easy. A go to. As a service-inspired agency, we are here to take care of things you either don’t have the time to, don’t know how to, or there’s a great need to. Don’t be shy. There isn’t a job too small or a request too strange. There’s nothing more amazing than a hand-delivered invite or a highly personal phone call on behalf of you or the CEO. If you require a personal touch for one of your events, as example, we have a 12 person call center who can personally attend to your guests. (We also know how to order pens for your offsite or dress your crew with branded merchandise too). If it’s your smit at the time, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We’re at your service.